I would like to thank you for your kind donation. This will enable me to aquire the tools I require for my future. My family and myself are so greatfull to you for allowing me to have the start when released from prison. I hope that all the work that I have done for the prison + cafe will be able to be continued by other prisoners in the future, as this has helped my time, and my self as a person. Thank you for your support and your kind donation.
Former prisoner, HMP Guys Marsh


Friends letter 5



Friends letter 6



I am writing to express the thanks and support of the Governor and staff at HMP Guys Marsh for the visitor’s transport that you kindly provide for us. The importance of maintaining family ties for those in a Prison setting cannot be understated and the bus service from the station to the jail provides a vital component of that service that is offered to prisoners’ families…It is invaluable in helping prisoners maintain meaningful relationships and is an important part of our overall strategy for the Children and Families Resettlement Pathway. I am convinced that your support plays a significant part in helping maintain these strong family ties and in turn greatly assists the process of reducing re-offending.
Deputy Governor, HMP Guys Marsh

Got to spend time with my dad who was able to be more involved in taking part in the activities with me which was important.
8 year old son of a prisoner, following a special family day visit with his father


Friends letter 2


HMP Guys Marsh is very fortunate in having the PERC role and the Board wishes to acknowledge the major contribution made by the FOGM in delivering funding to pay for the PERC service for three years…. The Board considers the assistance of the PERC has been life changing for a number of prisoners in the reporting period…. The Board records their thanks for the many achievements of the FOGM in the reporting period including direct support to the work of the Prison and tireless efforts to secure additional funds directed to improvements in a range of facilities and activities for prisoners. Independent Monitoring Board for HMP Guys Marsh, 2011 Report


Friends Letter 3



Friends letter 4



At one point it looked like the funding for the yoga classes was in jeopardy. Friends of Guys Marsh were able to make sure that funding was available and that the classes could continue. Below are some of the letters expressing dismay at the potential loss of the very popular yoga classes.


Friends letter 8



Friends letter 7



Friends letter 9



Friends letter 10



I would like to say a very big thank you to all for supplying me with a set of scaffolding tools. You have helped me on my way toward getting me back into full time employment. I am working as a labourer at the minute but now with tools and CSCS card I can go back into my old role as a scaffolder fixer.
Former prisoner, HMP Guys Marsh

You have been a marvellous organisation to deal with and I cannot thank you enough for the speed and efficiency you dealt with Mr X’s request.
Footprints mentor, supporting former prisoner

Thank you for providing this day for our family - it was so lovely for us all. Prisoner's wife who had brought her ten year daughter to a special family day visit

I just want to thank you for helping me by providing my cycling clothing and equipment so that I can safely get to my voluntary placement. I’m enjoying the opportunity and I’m grateful for the help you’ve provided.
Prisoner, HMP Guys Marsh

Sometimes the seeds you plant really do grow. Neither Martin nor I have forgotten the help which you gave in what must have seemed rather unpromising circumstances.
Mentor, The Prince’s Trust

Thank you for your letter and the help you have given me towards my accommodation and course through Mosaic Partnership. I cannot thank you enough as I was on the verge of being recalled straight away. You have enabled me to go back to my home area and continue with the resettlement plan I and Guys Marsh staff have been working on for 3 years. Once again, I thank you and will be more than willing to write back and let you know how I have progressed. And hopefully I will be in a position to give something back in the future.
Former prisoner, HMP Guys Marsh

I am delighted that the Friends of Guys Marsh have taken the time and energy to organise this exhibition. Art is an important way of engaging offenders and developing skills and opportunities for leading law abiding lives in the community after release. I hope the public have been able to get a glimpse of the talent and potential of some of our offenders (and staff), and that this shows in a small way some of the productive work we are doing to provide opportunities to help reduce reoffending and protect the public in the future.
Governor, HMP Guys Marsh

Listening to the events from a victim really gives you insight on how bad the impact our crimes can cause on them and their families. Prisoners only really see the impact from a statement or in theDco … but when you hear a victim of crime tell you first hand the impact really makes you think about your actions. After today I have been reflecting on how powerful forgiveness can be, it really can change your life for the better.
A typical prisoner’s comment during one of the many Forgiveness Project workshops we have funded.